we4cc-ii news

Here you will find news and other items of interest concerning the WE4CC-II project.

News 2015 Q2:

  • WE4CC-II at the ‘INNOVEIT 2015’ conference in Budapest May, 2015 |  read more
  • Evaluation first full-scale demonstrator. The first demonstrator is evaluated at the Electrabel/Laborelec power plant in Belgium. The set-up successfully capturied waste heat from the electricity production process and purified surface water from a river near the site, in order to make high pressure boiler feed water.

News 2015 Q1:

  • First WE4CC cascade completed in the lab. The laboratory set up of Virtu® and Memstill® technologies in Crawley (GB) has been completed. Test results are promising and have given insights into the specifications for the intended cascade demonstrator in Malta later this year.
  • Site visit business partners & Climate KIC. On January 13, 2015 the Climate KIC and WE4CC business partners Watergy and Aquastill visited the working demonstrator in Belgium. The party was given a warm welcome by Mr. Cordenos, a tour of the demonstrator and an explanation of the principles.

News 2014 Q4:

  • Labscale demonstrator Botanic Garden Berlin. A small lab-scale Absorberbox® demonstrator is running at the Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum in Berlin (D). The goal is to use the test results to scale it up to a large, integrated demonstrator in the course of 2015.
  • WE4CC full-scale demonstrator launched at Electrabel. The Memstill® demo container was shipped to Belgium for the power plant demonstrator with Electrabel. Laborelec has successfully captured waste heat from the turbine oil lubrification system to purify surface water for making boiler feed water as shown in the cups to the left.